Jay Wommack Infinit-i Selling Process


With Jay Wommack President & CEO of Vertical Alliance Group

“ A brief introduction of the Infinit-I Selling Process.”

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Selling is a Process!
Face it, everyone could use more sales.
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Sales are the Engine that Pulls the Train.

Hi, I am Jay Wommack. Selling is my true passion in life. Learning is crucial to your development.

It’s what I will teach you that will change your life.

Our firm shatters sales records every year. Learn what others refuse to do. You will develop excellence through dedication and hard work. Invest in a proven process. Invest in your future.

The Infinit-i Selling Process is easy to follow:

  1. Goals: What is in it for me. "You can get everything you want if you'll just help enough other people get what they want."
  2. List: Prospect list and drip list - with the Prospecting List you are looking for low hanging fruit. People who are interested enough in your product want to know more about it. These people will move from your Prospect List to the Drip List.
  3. Presentation: Prospecting presentation and sales presentation - With the prospecting presentation, keep the script very brief. Look for Yes, No or Maybe answers. Remember, you are looking for the low hanging fruit. Sales presentations are much longer (20 minutes or longer) where you present your product more fully, but remember to have an abbreviated version available.
  4. Action: Plan what you are going to do and get organized. Create tasks because tasks must be scheduled. Track all activities and results.
  5. Follow-up and Close: Most sales will close as a result of your follow-up. A very basic follow-up includes: a letter each month, a postcard or email and a call or visit every 90 days.
  6. Building your business model: Basic units of wealth that will tell you how your are going to meet your dreams and goals.
  7. Faith: People fail when they fail to have faith in the process.

None of this moves your business forward unless you put the process to work, day in, day out.

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